With every new moon I like to chose a card to direct my path over the course of the month. I was recently blessed with the discovery of Nicole Piar’s wonderful, magical, art work and oracle cards. Her art work is available through Instagram @ghostkittenart. Even though I am accumulating quite a collection of tarot and oracle cards, I felt compelled to support Nicole’s artistic vision through purchasing her gorgeous Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck.

This photo really doesn’t convey the stunning beauty of her work, so please check out her website on Instagram. The card I drew was “Gratitude.” This is entirely appropriate as I spent the day reflecting on everything and everyone I am thankful for. The list is far too enormous to include in this post, but let me just say that my heart is filled with love and gratitude.


I recently offered a Giveaway on Instagram to thank my followers for their support. I feel like I have made some strong connections with so many lovely spirits over the past few weeks. I offered a free “singing your spirit home” session. This involves delving into your sense of place and sense of self and piecing together your personal mythology. I normally charge $250 for a full session, but decided to gift this session to two women. I will announce the winners on March 1st.

If you are interested in nurturing your spirit and finding your selkie soul song, feel free to contact me for information about my services. I am also always happy to collaborate with other priestesses, spirit workers, and life coaches.

Blessings to you on this Ash New Moon. It is the time for deepening the bonds of friendship and reaching out to your community. What can you do to help others during this moon phase?




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