Selkie’s and Essential Oils

(This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase the items through I will receive a small compensation)

Over the past few weeks, I have become an ardent fan of doTerra essential oils. Ever since I ended up with Lyme Disease last summer I have found it increasingly difficult to maintain wellness. This struggle has been all too real for me this winter as I have been ill more than I have been well. A friend encouraged me to try doTerra oils, gifting me with a few samples to sway my decision to purchase. I have not looked back!

I just placed my second big order and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the magical box of holistic goodness! I am finishing up my thesis, or at least attempting to do so, so it is vital that I stay well. I am diffusing doTerra’s

in my a daily basis. I am also drinking a couple drops of On Guard in a big mason jar of water anytime I feel my energy levels are depleted. Lavender is my absolute favorite oil, for its versatility and soothing scent. I also love Balance blend to help ease my anxiety about completing my thesis in time and to help me focus on the task at hand.

These oils are amazing! I feel my energy restored and feel healthier than I have in months. This rejuvenation could also be due in part to my healthy diet (Buddha Bowls at least once a day)and yoga practice, but the essential oils play an important role.

Any time I start to feel discouraged (and believe me, that happens more than I would care to admit!) I breathe in a combination of citrus oils and voila! Instant mood shift!

It is so important for me to stay positive and focused so I can continue to work with women to help them discover their selkie soul song. I’m considering “Selkie Soul Song” as the title for my new book. What do you think? As always, if you would like help working through the puzzle pieces to reveal your personal myth, feel free to contact me.



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