Day 1

There is something magical and almost frightening about opening a new diary to its first page. In our technologically advanced times, few people write in paper diaries (meaning the English use of the word. I reckon it would be called a daily planner here in the USA). I still prefer the tactile quality of paper and pen, but there is something satisfying in the way my fingers brush against the keypad of my laptop as I type this first blog post. My ginger cat is curled up on my lap, purring contentedly and completely oblivious to the way in which she hinders my ability to type with ease.

(This is my sun goddess cat, Ginny, or Ginevra Creamy Chin! Does she remind anyone else of the beautiful lion and sun goddess girl from “When the Sun Rose?”)

Although I anticipate a full year of daily entries in my proper paper diary, I have made the decision to join the masses and vow to maintain a digital record of my year. Ready, set, go!

On this first day, I find myself relishing my solitary existence. This bit of solitude is exceedingly rare, as my four year old son and his bursting at the seams with intense energy father have taken themselves away for the next two days. They are off on their own adventure to visit his side of the family. I am left alone with my plump ginger cat, Ginny. I think she enjoys this gift of quiet and calm as much as I.

The occasion calls for a morning tea ritual. First I will fill the copper kettle with tap water. I will set it on the stove to boil. As I wait, I swirl hot water around the tea pot, to remove any dust and to warm it. It is satisfying to open the cupboard door to choose a proper vessel. Shall it be a favorite mug from childhood? Or a delicate and elegant bone china cup and saucer? Or perhaps an equally elegant, but more ornate Japanese cup and saucer? What sort of tea sounds ideal for today? Perhaps I will indulge in Earl Grey, or should I stick with my usual English Breakfast? Loose tea or bags of Clipper English Breakfast? I know I will drink my tea with milk. No sugar for me. I do keep sugar on hand, just in case I have the honor of entertaining family or dear friends. I am keen on creating this tea ritual, but for now I feel obligated to stay seated on the sofa, for fear of disturbing her royal highness, Ginny Creamy Chin. She twitches one ear as if to warn me to dwell on the consequences of disturbing her sleep.

My stomach grumbles and interrupt Ginny I must. I will have my tea!



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